how sweet the sound

how sweet the sound

on the walk home today, this guy was belting out amazing grace and it had to be 20 degrees if that. i put a dollar in the bucket and right at the end note of “i~once~was~lost~” he says, out of the corner of his mouth, both lips still on the horn, “tank you, lady” and blew seamlessly into “~but~now~i’m~found~” . i gave him another dollar.


candy hearts

candy hearts

this year for valentine’s day, i made almost everyone i know a candy heart (via facebook or twitter) that i created an online candy heart generator. i played with people’s hobbies or names or secrets we had between us.

i have a connection, artist Erik Wahl (whom i met on a recent job) who is this amazing artist.  Erik  does something super-cool when he travels. he’ll create a painting and “drop” it somewhere in the city he is in. usually the painting is relevant to that city or a current event.  he calls this an Art Drop. he leaves hints about a painting’s whereabouts on twitter and fb.
you find it – it’s yours.

so Erik’s candy heart from me? HEART DROP. and he tweeted it out to the world! props from Erik Wahl is sweet!