Dear Zachary:

Tonight i watched the documentary that your dad’s friend, Kurt Kuenne, made for you – his letter to you – about your dad’s short life.  Your dad’s friend travelled the world looking for pieces of your dad to show you.  But the inspired Mr. Kuenne had no idea that when he started his project, your little life would be cut short, too –  by the same woman who took your dad from you.  Mr. Kuenne almost gave up on his project in the wake of your tragic death.

Why continue with a letter you would never see?

Fortunately, Dear Zachary, he found two other people to whom the letter – his film – would be written.  And those are the two people who fought for you, loved you, believed in you:  your grandparents.  Tonight, I met your amazing grandparents through Mr. Kuenne’s eyes.  And even though i cannot see through my own tears right now, I see very clearly why the project went on.
Dear Zachary:  Your death was not in vain.  Your life and your dad’s life breathe through all that knew you both.  And kid, you should SEE the sparkle in their eyes as they go on and on about both of you!

And Mr. and Mrs bagby, your grandparents, who I saw you love very sweetly and very deeply in the footage of your 13 months here on earth, are now child advocates for children just like you. And they will do everything in their power to see that NOT ONE MORE CHILD gets handed over to danger.

Ever again.

And they do this in YOUR name.In your memory.

Dear Zachary,  tonight I said a prayer and asked the universe to give strength to your grandparents. And the next time I see a star (it’s been cloudy here, dear Zachary) I will say a prayer for you. And your dad.

A man in the film said it best:  Grief is love’s unwillingness to let go.  And dear Zachary, your grandparents will never let go of you.

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