i wish you could have seen it with me

this morning, as i got into my car, i noticed that my windshield was covered in a thin, opaque sheet of frost.  i don’t have an ice scraper (you should see some of the things i use for that!) so i was taking a look at the situation to assess the creation of a safely cleared windshield when i was stopped breathless in awe:

it was like the design love child of paisley and feathers and get this: it wasn’t just in one area, it was evenly painted i swear PERFECTLY painted across the glass, covering 100% of it as if mother nature herself had come and etched it herself.  i have never seen anything like this before.  ever.  i am still riveted and so excited about seeing it.  i will always remember it.  i will never unsee it.  but at the same time, i am deeply that you were not there to see it with me.  you, whoever reads this.  whoever cares.  whoever you are, wherever you are — you’d have loved it, too.