searching for sugarman – sweet news

Proof that I have great taste in films?  Only ONE of my Oscar picks won.  But then again, when you make your picks, you have to take off your art appreciation cap and “think Oscar” and, as the woman in the viral news clip says “ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.”

Truth be told, I didn’t watch the Oscars but a smile came to my face when Twitter went berserk with the news that Searching for Sugarman had won for Best Documentary. Suddenly, for about ten minutes, Oscar was legit again and I fondly recalled watching Malik Bendjelloul’s beautiful bittersweet true story about musician/songwriter/artist Sixto Rodriguez.  I remember leaving the theater SO HAPPY SO LUCKY to have been told this story.

I hope you’ll see the film.  You’ll be richer for it.


goodbye, Bigman


If you’ve ever heard the Springsteen song “Jungleland”, you’re already a fan of Clarence Clemons – he’s the force behind the magical saxophone interlude.  He’s also the guy who makes the “Rosalita” jump a little lighter, he’s the guy who makes “Meeting Across the River” operatic.

He suffered a stroke last week and the news came today that he passed away.  Until I read this, from another one of my very favorite people in rock and roll:

Eddie Vedder’s show tonight in Hartford….”Ed received the news onstage; he was in the middle of a story/dedication wishing Clarence a speedy recovery when one of his crew approached, leaned towards his ear and put a hand on his shoulder. Ed dropped his head for a long pause, welled up and delivered one hell of a version, replete with some improvised lyrics in the last verse:

I love him/I don’t want him to go out this way/I need him/I want him to come back today

The song ended with a string of ‘I can’t find a better man’ with one ‘I can’t find a bigger man’ thrown in.”  (credit Pete Ferraro)