this happened to me today

i had to run an errand this morning, about 6 blocks away from the office. at some point in that walk, i lost a 10 dollar bill (i think it was when i took gloves out of my coat pocket).  i didn’t realize the bill wasn’t there until several blocks from where i think it happened, and it’s so windy outside that it had probably blown clear into virginia, or someone snagged it the minute i lost it.

oh well, it was gone and i just hoped to myself that it found someone who NEEDS it.  i still had an ATM card on me and so i ducked into caribou coffee for a warm-up beverage before i went back into the office.

a friend phoned just as i was walking in to the coffee shop, and for part of the conversation i retold my 10 dollar bill woe.  we hung up right before i made my order.

“medium soy latte?” the clerk said.  “yup!”.   i noticed she wasn’t ringing it up so i stood there awkwardly holding out my bank card when she informed me that my coffee was on the house.  she went on to say she had overheard my story and she decided i was not going to pay for my coffee today. i told her how sweet that was, but still i insisted, “i was just being careless, no one stole it, really, i can pay for this”  she said “it was the part where you said you ‘hoped the person who finds it needs it’, so no you are NOT going to pay for your coffee!” and she smiled.

with that, i smiled back, tucked the ATM card back into my pocket and decided to enjoy a complimentary coffee.

honestly, her gesture was worth more than any ol’ 10 dollar bill, and made me just as happy as the person who, i hope,  just found a 10 dollar bill that they really need.

DC Bike Ride

I shot this using a GoPro HERO. The still image setting was 1/second. I captured 3200 images over several hours on the bike. I imported the stills into iMovie and used the “heat wave” effect. The audio edit is crude, but iMovie is what it is, and it was fun anyway 🙂 Oh, I almost forgot: the camera was mounted onto my helmet! Got 7 minutes? Please check out my 3-hour tour 🙂