in no particular order, these are some of the things i did in 2009:
1. saw stevie wonder, bono and bruce all on one stage in the same day.
2. stood for 6 hours in sub-freezing temp’s to see the 44th president get sworn into office.
3. reconnected with my high school, junior high and elementary school (hello facebook)!
4. dipped my toes into the atlantic ocean, pacific ocean and the gulf of mexico!
5. had my first hot stone treatment/massage.
6. saw a shooting star.
7. picked figs from a napa valley tree.
8. saw the fab faux – TWICE!
9. overcame my fear of flying.
10. celebrated the best dog in the world’s 10th birthday.
11. went to my first “high tea”
12. went to the legendary warner theatre for the first time.
13. ate a porterhouse steak and had the best cabernet ever at francis ford coppola’s “cafe zoetrope”
14. partied with a drag queen dressed as anne coulter.
15. walked on air
16. saw the full moon and the morning sun in the sky at the same time on opposite ends of       the sky.
17. saw fireworks.
18. showered outside.
19. poured brandy in the hot chocolate.
20. planted flowers, raked leaves, shoveled snow.
21. lost my job.
22. won tickets to U2.
23. prayed a lot.
24. gave thanks.
25. threw a penny in a fountain (no really i did) and made a wish.
26. ate coffee cake in brooklyn.
27. watched with my own eyes the first black president get sworn into office.
28. hiked a marin headlands trail.
29. gave blood.
30. slowed down.
31. kept the change.
32. got by with a little help from my friends.
33. moved forward using all my breath.
34. forgave myself.
35. laughed. cried. connected. lived.
What did YOU do?