food for thought

there is an american hero you probably haven’t heard about. his name is jeol salatin. he runs polyface farms in the breathtaking shenandoah valley of the commonwealth of virginia. there is another american hero you may have heard about. his name is eric schlossel, the author of fast food nation. so why am i writing about these two people? well, i was moved to the core by a film i just saw, featuring both of these heroes, called Food, Inc.

now, before you think this is gonna be some pinko commie rant about hugging trees and saving whales, think again. and i mean REALLY think. think about the meat you just ate: was the cow corn fed or grass fed? did you know that the difference between the two is as relevant to the world’s safety as where iran points its nukes? did you know that since the monsanto company has a PATENT on a SEED that a farmer cannot reseed his own land? can you imagine not reseeding your tomato garden? did you know that our government upholds that criminal mentality and that FARMERS and their FAMILIES are being stalked and interrogated as if they were masterminding a terrorist plot? and did you know the the bushes, colin powell AND the clintons are in bed with these monsanto thugs? i didn’t know any of this. until i saw the film.

now, are you thinking this is some sort of lopsided michael-moore-esque farenheit 911? no. it’s not insulting and guerilla-style restated obviousness (sorry michael moore, i am on your side, but you really blew some wonderful resources). food, inc. is fair and loving and kind, but brutal and heartbreaking all at once. it is a well-woven documentary about the FACTS behind your food. NOT whether you should eat it or not, but why you should and CAN make CHOICES about WHERE and HOW it gets to your table. this film is important and inspiring. this film is stark and maddening. i was moved from tears to anger to gratitude in 180 minutes.

let this one rivet you.

i hope you will go see it and i hope you will see the twinkle in eric schlossel and joel palatin’s eyes and feel the love in their hearts. for all of us.

clean food = clean bodies = clean souls = a better planet
here’s the trailer.

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