i was the center of the universe this morning

the coolest thing just happened to me.

i was on my morning run, which, depending on the time of year, usually starts with a moon in a black sky slowly giving way to the heavenly wafts of grays, purples, pinks, and oranges of sunrise. usually, the moon is long gone before the actual sun peeks over the horizon. but something happened THIS morning that i don’t think i have ever seen.

as i was inahling the hypnotic presence of last night’s staggering full moon, still hanging so high in the last dark of the western sky, i could see, toward the east, a hint of daylight. and to my delight, what unfolded, after about 20 more minutes, was this awe-inspiring view of the sun due east about 5 degrees above the horizon and the moon in the same position to the west. i was literally stopped in my tracks and just kept turning to take in both. i think i have seen the sun and the moon in the sky together, but never with such symmetry and never during a full moon.

now, the idea of SEEING this was fascinating enough. (it doesn’t take much to fascinate me, clearly) but FEELING IT: i mean, drinking in the exhilirating cocktail of lunar AND solar energy — WOW. i felt like i was at the place where yin met yang for the first time. it was zen, balance, and peace all in one deep breath. so i exhaled gratitude and gave thanks for little blessings like this. in that moment, i felt like i was at the center of the universe.

i wish you could have felt it with me.


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