bombs bursting in air

How perfect can a July 4th get? Well, near.

How ’bout reservations at The George, Capitol Hill. OK, so how ’bout arriving and then being told they overbooked so they will be giving complimentary accomodations at the Rouge (another Kimpton) in Georgetown? (you saw the word complimentary, right?) Oh and please add to our apologies free valet parking AND a hot stone in-room massage. Um, ok…apology accepted! toss in a charming afternoon walk thru Georgetown, dinner at Logan (the sashimi tuna on arugula, rustic 5-grain bread, fried calamari with ginger sauce and of course, lemon-basil mojitoes, thank you), a liesurely trek down to E-Street theater to see “Away We Go” (two thumbs up AND a brilliant sound track), and all of that followed by a stroll down to the Mall just in time for the show.

That is how perfect a July 4th can get.

Happy Birthday, America!
And many many more.


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